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Fildrex specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality water filtration and treatment products to meet, virtually, any water purification requirement. Years of experience in water treatment industry has enabled us to produce durable equipment that performs well in almost any application.

Fildrex is firm in its commitment to research, development, and production of advanced technologies that address specific worldwide environmental challenges. Our prime focus is on water purification and treatment equipment to meet the short and long term water quality requirements in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Our broad product line includes Water Filters, Sediment Removal Cartridges, Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges, Taste / Odor / Chemical Processing Specialty Cartridges, UV Sterilizers, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants and related spare parts.

We believe that brisk adaptation of new and upcoming technologies has always kept us ahead of our competition. Our research and development centre has played a pivotal role in maintaining this lead and has enabled us to market FILDREX Products .

Over time, we have also established a credibility of providing the highest level of customer service and superior quality products. To us, quality means continuous improvement. By promoting a quality conscious milieu in the company and implementing rigorous quality control measures, our products have acquired higher rating even by the critics.

Furthermore, strong after sale service and going an extra mile attitude is cultivated in the minds of all Safians. We firmly believe that, “Relationship with the customer does not end with sales, it rather starts from there”.

The process of building and maintaining a truly modern production facility is an ongoing battle. We realize, however, that the success of our company rests in our ability to manufacture the best quality products possible and deliver them on time.


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