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UV Sterilizers Without Filtration Systems
Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers Gold 10" & 20"
10"/20" UV Sterilization Units, complete with UV Lamps (UVM 9311GL /UVM 9322GL), Quartz Sleeve (Q9311R/Q9322G), Control Module, Indicator Lights and Stainless Steel Radiation Chambers 80 mm dia. All assembled on a single mounting bracket

Code Model # Description
8266 UVM9311SBG Ultraviolet Sterilizer 9311 Single Blue Gold 10"
8267 UVM9311SWG Ultraviolet Sterilizer 9311 Single White Gold 10"
8268 UVM9322SBG Ultraviolet Sterilizer 9322 Single Blue Gold 20"
Maximum Flow: 10" = 3 GPM & 20" = 8 GPM
Case Qty. 9311 = 12 PCS & 9322 = 06 PCS
Note: Voltage Option: 220V/110V 50/60 Hz
Dallas Plus Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Code Model # Description
8271 SSDPUVR Dallas Plus Ultraviolet Sterilizer 1 GPM
8272 SSDPUVG Dallas Plus Ultraviolet Sterilizer 1.5 GPM Stainless Steel
Maximum Flow: 1.5 GPM
Case Qty. 15 PCS
Note: Voltage Option: 220V/110V 50/60 Hz
Commercial Ultraviolet Sterilizers
These units come in a Commercial Powder Coated Metal Cabinet with all control equipments fitted on the panel door for ease in maintenance with volt meter, running hour meter, indicator lamp, circuit breaker, fuse with other alarm and safety devices. Radiation Chamber is 316L Stainless steel mirror polished with 33" long UV lamps rated for 10,000 hours lamp life with intensity of 50,000 µw/

Code Model # Description
8281 UV870SS Commercial Ultraviolet Sterilizer Stainless Steel 12 GPM
8282 UV871SS UV871SS Commercial Ultraviolet Sterilizer Stainless Steel 24 GPM
Maximum Flow: 1.5 GPM
Case Qty. 1 Unit
Note: Inlet/Outlet: 1" Standard
Voltage Option: 220V/110V 50/60 Hz

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